PriCallCommunication Enter the phone number including international country code and operator’s prefix (e.g. +4201234567) and get the detailed prices.
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Make cheap local and international calls anywhere you can access the Internet!

Displayed price are in € (EURO) including country VAT (21%).
Prices exclude special, premium and non-geographic numbers.
Calls tariffication is 30+1 (calls after the first half a minute are charged by the second).

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Step 1
Download the PriCall Application on your mobile phone. Choose one of the offered subscriptions, pay for it and register a new PriCall account.

The number of your account will be a real Czech landline phone number, where 420 is the country code and all the remaining digits is a phone number. You can find and download the application here.

Step 2
You have the application installed in your device. That is not enough for communication. Now contact your business partners, friends, relatives and invite them to join the PriCall society. Ask them to install and activate the application. As far as they download the PriCall app you will be able to communicate (PriCall-to-PriCall) totally free.

Step 3
If you want to start making local* or international calls you have to buy credits. You can buy credits in My Account. All the possible Payment Methods are described here.
* Calls on landline phone numbers within the Czech republic are free.

Step 4
You have the PriCall app installed in your device and have bough credits – you are ready to start making local and international cheap calls anywhere you can access the Internet. Let’s do it!